Google Music Store Officially Launches: How Does This Affect CD Baby Artists?

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The newly launched Google Music service allows users to discover and buy new music, share it with their friends on Google+, and upload their existing music collection (up to 20,000 tracks) to “the cloud” for free. Google Music users can then stream all purchased and uploaded tracks from the web or any device, tablet, or phone.

How do you get your music in the Google Music Store?

It’s simple. If you’re an existing CD Baby member, we’ll handle the distribution of your music to Android Market for free. As always, there’s no additional fee for the delivery of your music to a new digital partner. So if you’re using CD Baby for digital distribution, then all you have to do is…nothing! We’ll automatically deliver your music to Google.

If you really want to handle the account management and signup process yourself, you can pay a $25 fee to Google and create an artist store to sell music in Android Market.  Artists who create pages directly on Android Market can still opt-into CD Baby distribution later, but you will not get a refund of the fee.

Google Music Explained

The new store offers some exciting features in addition to users being able to purchase & instantly stream music from the cloud.  All tracks will have 90-second previews available for your fans to hear. And anyone that purchases music through Android Market is able to share a free play (called “Social Recommendations”) with their Google+ friends!  Every Social Recommendation displays purchase links leading back to your music in Android Market. This creates an engaging opportunity for you to earn new fans & more sales through their service. In addition to this social sharing feature, Android Market will also have a section that features a free track each day.

CD Baby, as one of the few confirmed launch partners for Google Music, is working directly with Google engineers to deliver our catalog to them via a direct feed. Music will start flowing to Google as soon as the feed is fully operational.  Stay tuned, as making sure your music is available in this new & exciting store is a priority to both companies!

Again, there is no additional charge for existing CD Baby artists if you’d like us to make your music available in the Google Music Store.

How to go direct with Google Music

If you want to pay the $25 fee and set up your own account/profile with Google Music, go to There you will be asked to customize an artist page, upload your tunes,  and consent to Google’s Terms & Conditions.

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  • slvjc

    Noticed that CD Baby was listed among Google partners. Do artists need to do anything before CD Baby distributes tracks to Google Music? How soon can we expect our songs to be available on Google Music?

  • Chris Brooks Guitar

    But speaking of going direct, it’s currently only available to America, so I assume going through CD Baby will be a loophole for that?

  • Gagnez

    What is the estimated time for the catalog to be LIVE?


  • Matthew Bile

    I’m happy to see that CD Baby is already working with Google on this. However, one of the things signing up directly with Google music would do, would be let us manage our profile. If we let CD Baby supply the music, do you know if we can still manage the profile?

  • It seems like it’s easier now for artists to get music distributing with online music stores and social networking.

  • Kathrynkjburnett

    cool…I have accounts at cd baby/kathrynkjburnett and google/kathyjoburnett…google advertises for my original videos and cd baby has some of my albums, which are also at itunes/kathrynkjburnett.

  • Cool!!!

  • Cool, I’ll have to check it out soon. And, I’ll just let CDbaby handle my tunes!

  • Hellblinki

    How do we approve CDbaby distribution to google music?
    How long will it take to be up?

  • We'll have news shortly on the ETA. Depends on when Google gives the go-ahead. But as for you doing anything, it's automatic as long as your distribution level is set to "everything that pays" or higher.

  • FYI, I decided to give the direct route a try (though will likely prefer going through CD Baby), and when signing up, the $25 fee was waived, as a promotion, I think because I'd already set up a Google+ profile and page (but I'm not sure that was the reason). I have to say, I wasn't terribly reassured by their user interface.. no ISRC data field, nor much else in the way of meta data…

  • If you're opted into CD Baby digital distribution at the "everything that pays" level or higher, then we'll automatically deliver your music to them. As for time, not sure yet. We're waiting for Google to give the go-ahead.

    • logged into my CD Baby artist account and looked all over the CD Baby website … couldn’t find a link/page to check whether i’ve opted into “everything that pays.” i’d be grateful if you can tell me where it is!

      : – )

  • If the you claim an existing page (one that we've set up for you) to edit your bio and photos, this will be free. But you will not be able to change any of the album/track data that CD Baby delivered.

    • Dan Masterson

      Okay, so let’s say I let CD Baby do their thing with the EP I have there, but want to upload a digital only, live EP that I haven’t distributed through CD Baby. Will I be able to claim the page CD Baby sets up for me and add that live EP or should I sign up separately for the $25. More importantly, If I’ve signed up directly with them, will CD Baby create a separate page, leaving me with two separate pages?

  • I know this answer will sound hyper-specific, but all I can say is: soon.

  • I want to make sure my music is NOT automatically distributed to Google Music / Android Marketplace. How do i prevent that?


  • BylliCrayone

    Just Googled myself on their site. My music is showing up there

  • Wicked!

  • thanks for the information, appreciated

  • We keep our 9% cut, same as all other digital distribution sales/streams. Pretty sure normal length tracks are defaulted to 99 cents, but I'll get clarification on that.

    • Scarycath

      Hmmm not sure which way to go. If the price is set to a default then we can’t use it as flexibly as those who go direct, changing price, doing promotions etc. Need to go read more

  • They take their cut. Then we take our 9%. So it will be roughly the same as what you make from CD Baby/iTunes sales.

  • Scarycath

    Guys can you tell us what % CDBaby will take from each sale? I’ve seen that Google takes 30%, what will your cut be on top of that or do you have a different deal with them? Also, will the price of tunes and albums be set by you or by Google, again, if I’m not wrong, if we do it ourselves we get to set and change prices at any time.

  • Rotoscope

    Does Google Music offer the artists the option of album-only sales if the artist prefers not to sell the songs individually?

  • The Speed Of SOund

    Interesting; but
    For those of us outside the US when is it likely to spread?
    How much does the artist receive when a track is sold via Google Music/CDbaby?

    • Yes, it gets so disappointing and frustrating when the world is carved up into commercial regions, in the way that say, iTunes does it, DVD regions do it, now Google Music. It seems that the only place that really is of consequence is the USA, it drives the rest of the world just a little disappointed with sheer narrow minded, national market interests at work. I know it will expand, but nonetheless it always leaves a foul taste behind when the rest of us a left out.

  • Thanks Guys You are the Best. Happy Thanksgiving,Holidays. LUV4U,God Bless!

  • Megan

    How about audio books? If I have audiobooks on iTunes that CDbaby handles for me, will those now be available on Android Market? and available thru shares on Google+?

  • Alan Lee

    i found myself on there, because im guessing cdbaby already synced with them…the problem is, it says “no albums available”

    What gives?

  • Very cool ! looking forward to see this develop. Cheers !

  • Trey

    SWEET! Thanks CD Baby!!! this is awesome news and great opportunity for all the songwriters here on CD Baby!
    -Trey McGriff / Whiskey Child Records

  • How long will it take for our music to be on the site? I have a CD Baby account already but am not on Google music yet so just wondering…

  • Joe Matzzie

    I just registered with Google Music and uploaded my new album Christmas at the Renaissance Fair by Moat Jumper. They waived the $25 fee. It was free for me because they said they already had a page for the group. I’m thinking there are 2 possible reasons that they already had us listed, 1) that I have a YouTube page for the artist, which is associated with the email address that I used, or 2) that we have enough of a web presence and people are searching for Moat Jumper, so it’s on google’s radar somehow.

    Anyway our music is now on the Android Market, and people have bought it already.

  • Woops! I already set up an account (no fee charged, not a problem there) but I’d like CD Baby to handle my distribution. Can I direct/combine the accounts so all my CDs are together? Jamgypsy

  • tappi


    If I decided to give the direct route to Google Music by paying the $25 fee, can I be paid directry from them without 9% cut by CD Baby?

    If I decided to give the direct route to Google Music by paying the $25 fee, can I no longer get supported on them by CD Baby?


  • Sun

    Greetings~ Always fantabulous to have new ways of selling our music. Thanks CDBaby and Google! Let the music play and the light shine!
    PeaceRocker~ Sun Bell/'bell the cat'

  • Correct on both. If you go direct, you pay $25 but keep that 9% we usually take. If you go direct, we won't have any access to your catalog or anything to offer support.

    Go to the album edit menu and click on "Distribution Options" under the Digital Distribution section.

  • Yes indeed.

  • Contact us & let us know! We can set a restriction so your titles aren’t delivered to Google Music.

  • Sorry. Nope.

  • Yes. If we're already distributing you, then we'll send you to Android Marketplace, too.

  • Send an email to and we can look into it.

  • As soon as the feed is operational and Google gives us the go-ahead, we'll deliver your music to them. No specific ETA yet.

  • We're working with Google to get an answer to this. Not sure if you can "combine" accounts or not. Will keep you posted.

  • Not sure yet if accounts can be "combined." We're working with Google now to get an answer. Will keep you posted.

  • You didn't screw anything up. If you want to continue going direct, feel free. Just be sure to send an email saying you do NOT want us to distribute your music. OR… if you DO want us to handle the delivery/upload stuff, you can always fill out your profile but not upload music. We'll send that along soon.

  • Talkingtowalls

    I saw the store was opening, and found out that the $25 fee was waived for setup (just needed a credit card on file) because they already had our band Talking to Walls on file. So I completed the setup. But we already have distro through cdbaby, and have “all opportunities” checked. Did I screw something up? Will you still distribute all of the albums you handle for us to the new google music site? Or will you continue to add our music, and I can just move forward with filling out the profile?