For 5 Days, CD Baby Will Take No Cut of MP3 sales on!!!

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Earn 100% of Your Digital Music Sales from

From July 30th to August 3rd, we won’t be taking any cut of  MP3 sales on—that’s zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

Our customers have been loving the new re-design and we thought this would be a cool way to celebrate; we take 0% of artists’ digital sales for 5 days and you keep 100% of your digital revenue!

Sell an album download for $9.99 on, get paid $9.99! Sell a song for 99 cents, get paid 99 cents!

[Want to sell your music on and earn 100% of your digital sales revenue? Get started now.]

CD Baby already offers the highest payout on MP3 sales of any digital music retailer (75%), and for 5 days it’s going to be higher still, so you’ll earn even more money when you direct fans to purchase downloads from

Fans will be excited to give you their support, knowing a purchase from CD Baby goes further than it would elsewhere, and you get to keep all the money!

[Important: Our 0% cut is only applied to MP3 sales on— NOT on our partner sites: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.]

4 ways to make the most of CD Baby’s 5-day celebration

1. Get linked up—

Use CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook app, our Music Store Widget, and our Link Maker to direct your fans to your music on CD Baby!

2. Complete all your album and artist info— 

A bunch of blank white space can look pretty unprofessional. Make sure you’re using all the real estate on your CD Baby pages to entice fans to make that purchase. Talk about your songs, your albums, your inspiration, your influences, and your accolades.

 3. Encourage fans to leave reviews—

The more people leave positive reviews on your product pages, the more secure a potential buyer will feel about purchasing your music.

4. Let your fans know that you keep 100% of your sales—

Make sure you’ve got a message ready to send out on July 30th; post it on your blog, announce it on your social media profiles, and send to your email newsletter subscribers.

Maybe something like this:

Hey <name>,

It means a lot to me that you’ve been a supporter of my music career, and as an indie artist every dollar counts— so I wanted to let you know that between July 30th and August 3rd, if you purchase any of my MP3s from, I’ll get to keep 100% of the sales!

If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, now is the best time to buy my music because your money will literally go further to help me make my next album, launch my next tour, etc.

Check out my music on the newly re-designed at <your CD Baby product page URL here>.

Obviously, you should re-word that message so it sounds authentic to your voice and speaks directly to your fans. But make sure to show your appreciation and ask for their continued support!

If you have a following on Twitter, you could try something like this (it should fit within 140 characters if you use or other link shortener):
Fans! Buy any of my MP3s from @cdbaby between 7/30 & 8/3 & I’ll get 100% of sales! Start shopping here: (insert a link to your album page on CD Baby here, use or other service to shorten your link)


We’re excited to celebrate the new this way, and hope it’ll help you sell more music and earn more money while you’re at it.

Sell your music on, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more!

 Check out the brand new!

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  • Nice. Thanks, Awesome Company.

  • Morrisoncraig

    which 5 days?

  • Thanks!

  • Great! Thanks

  • Donny McCullough

    EXCITING… Now I can finally know what it feels like to (fully) "GET PAID" for my music!!!!!

  • Onye

    Cd Baby still own me money since two years ago or so my cds sold!! I was given some ridiculous reasons. I am still waiting to receive my sales from those cds.

    • We pay every Monday. Did you enter a valid US bank account and routing number into your payment section? Otherwise, we can do paypal or check in the mail. The owed balance must be above your minimum paypoint (which you select in your account). If your paypoint is higher than your owed balance, just go into your account and lower the paypoint and we'll pay you the following week.

  • Diggs

    And what comes after the 5 days ? -?

  • Evinleigh

    Thanks CD Baby! This is very cool! I've already shared this information with a group I started called Chicago Recording Artists Against Pay to Play. I also made my own little event page to push my own CD sales. I'm getting a lot of traffic from fans that can't always come to my shows due to distance as well as friends and family who just want to support my music. So, they feel great being able to support me and I feel great giving them a cool way to get involved with my music besides coming to a show 🙂 THANK YOU!! -Leigh Evin McCullough

  • Back to normal. Artists keep 75% of MP3 sales on (still the highest payout of any digital music retailer).

  • Don O.

    You guys are the BEST!

  • Wow. That is awesome. Very kind of you. If you tweet about it, tag us in the tweet so we can follow how things are going.

  • Thanks for this CDBaby! In response, we have decided to pledge all of our sales during the week to the homeless in Philadelphia! The homeless and poor have been distressed of late, as our mayor has attempted to push them out of sight, making serving food outdoors (for free) illegal. Thanks to a federal lawsuit, they are not enforcing the law until the judge makes a ruling in 2013. In the meantime, The King’s Jubilee is a group that serves food to the homeless every Thursday on a shoe-string budget.

    So we are going to promote the heck out of our album next week, and when someone spends $9.99 on our record, we are going to give the entire $9.99 to the King’s Jubilee so our neighbors can eat!!!


    pues muchas gracias por estas pagina que nos ayuda de publicar a nuestra musica

  • Donterecords

    Give thanks CDBaby for this!!!

  • Obirion

    is there a song limit per album submitted?

  • Kdathov

    The Stars of Colin Creative Music`s King David Project is a 24-track album but previewing only 10 tracks at the moment.:
    So the world could see why the album has been retitled as "King David And The Harlot Of Vulgaria"

  • Thanks! This sounds like an idea along Derek's way of thinking – good! Let's see what happens.

  • Ntsearles

    I don’t see a “contact us” thing so I’ll ask here: If I were to collaborate, can funds be split? Two accounts?

  • Muppetfinder

    I have sold hundreds of downloads of my songs since I put up my album, but never received a dime of income from any of it. Can someone please e-mail me and help me figure out why — and fix this?


    • Send an email to and we can look into it. Without knowing more details, I can't really say what it is,… but it could be:

      1) If you just recently posted your album, we don't get reports/$$ from our retail partners like iTunes and Amazon for almost a month and a half after the close of the month in which the sale took place. So if someone downloaded your track from iTunes on June 1st, you'd find out about it in mid-August.

      2) If your paypoint is higher than your owed balance,… well, then you don't get paid. So, if that is the case, go into your CD Baby account and lower your paypoint. Once the owed balance is above your chosen paypoint, we issue payment the following Monday.

      3) The only other thing I can think of is that there was an error in your ACH deposit info or in your mailing address (if you chose physical check in the mail option), and we've had trouble issuing payment because of that.

      Any which way, we'll figure it out. Send us an email.

  • Unfortunately, no. We basically treat each account as if it's a label. So you, as the artist, are responsible for divvying up royalties just as a label would be. That being said, if you have a solid, trusting relationship with this collaborator, you could grant them access to your CD Baby account (though we generally advise against,… ya know, because no one ever starts off expecting to get into a legal battle!). You could also start a joint account and use that as the account we deposit into.

  • Joint checking account, I mean.

  • Dicarlo_gonzalez

    Thank you for the notification!