CD Baby Partners with Alliance Entertainment to Expand Distribution for Artists

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Your music will soon be available for purchase through the largest wholesale distributor of entertainment products in the United States.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Alliance Entertainment, the largest wholesale distributor of home entertainment audio, video, and software in the United States. Our catalog of almost 400k titles from over a quarter million artists around the world will now be available for purchase at all online and brick & mortar retail outlets affiliated with Alliance– including independent retailers, big box retailers, .com sites, and vendor managed accounts in the US.

In the first phase of this partnership, we’ve delivered over 5000 of our top-selling titles to Alliance, but this is just the beginning; the scope of the partnership is set for major expansion. In the coming months, Alliance will offer CD Baby’s entire eligible, in-stock music catalog (more than 260k SKUs at any given time).

How our partnership with Alliance helps independent musicians

“The past 10 years has seen an explosion in music discovery options,” says CD Baby president Brian Felsen. “It’s more important than ever that an artist’s music be made available through every possible channel— social sharing, download, streaming, direct fulfillment, and physical retail; you just never know how a new fan will first encounter your music, or how they prefer to purchase music. That’s why CD Baby’s partnership with Alliance will be incredibly helpful for independent artists. Distribution to the mega retailers was the last piece in the puzzle for CD Baby to ensure our artists’ music is available everywhere.”

Alliance president Mike Davis adds, “CD Baby’s excellent services and customer support have helped them build a huge amount of trust with the artist community; Alliance strives to forge online and brick & mortar retail partnerships with companies that exhibit this level of service and trust. We’re extremely happy to partner with CD Baby on what will be a quality end-to-end experience– from the artist selling the music, right through to retail discovery, purchase, and ownership of recorded media.”

So, to recap: we’re really excited about this deal (can you tell?)– since a partnership with Alliance will greatly increase your distribution reach and help drive more sales. But we’re only in the first phase of getting our catalog all linked-up with theirs, so please be patient, and in the coming months we’ll make sure every in-stock title is available to Alliance Entertainment’s retail network.

Sell your music in over 2,500 brick-and-mortar record stores, on all the major download stores, and on CD Baby!

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  • How does this partnership with Alliance compare to CdBaby’s relationship with Super D?

  • Cole Powell

    If I'm not mistaken, Alliance Entertainment distributes to Target, Sears, Best Buy, and Kmart–some pretty big retailers. Does this deal mean that eventually all CD Baby artists (including new/low-selling indie artists such as myself) will have their albums available at these large retailers?

    • Eventually, every CD Baby artist whose CDs are in-stock with us will have their music available through all Alliance-affiliated retailers. BUT… that doesn't mean the stores are going to stock product on their shelves. It gives them the ability to easily purchase an item for their customers, or to have the option of ordering a quantity if they think something is going to sell.

      • Cole Powell

        That’s what I thought. Excellent news! Thanks for the reply, Christopher.

  • Dean Calin

    Doubters aside, this is nothing but a great opportunity to be seen by a much larger demographic than we'd previously enjoyed. It is all about increasing the odds of an interested party discovering our music. Thanks, CDBaby!

  • Franklin

    On the outset it may appear a boon to have your music set to be displayed next to the likes of EMI, or Universal artists. However, is this deal is structured like most distro have been in the past it will most likely not really benefit the bulk of CD Baby artists. Those that use CD Baby as an agregator and have developed a fanbase comfortable with the current and growing in popularity downlaods and streams may not want to wait for shipping for an item that can be downloaded instantly either as a single or complete album. Of course this doesn’t mean purchasing incentives like additional tracks on the CD or merch might not help. However, shipping costs and order minimums may not make any of those perks financially worthwhile. Obviously, the devil is in the details of how this alliance will benefit CD Baby Artists on a whole. Alliance Ent. right now stands to benefit more as the additional physical catalog will offset dwindling CD sales. Old School marketing methods presently in play will have the greatest impact on brand recognition and having another outlet to push your product can only help if you can use it to your benefit. Remember though, adding a player doesn’t necessarily change the game.

  • Hey Brian, well… it's a great augmentation to our existing deal with Super D. It doesn't replace it. So your music will be available to all the brick-and-mortar and online stores Super D works with, AND all the big and little retailers Alliance works with.

    • Lonnel

      So lets say There’s 5000 fans out there who want to buy my physical lp when it drops. How would these demands be met

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  • Linda Vee Sado

    Cdbaby is truly the best and the only site who looks out for their artists interests. I recommend them to every indie I know and several who signed up completely agree

  • Thanks, Linda!

  • Sébastian Hell

    Does that mean we’ll have to manufacture a whole bunch of CDs and HOPE they’re going to sell, rather than send CD Baby a few at a time like now?

  • The process for stocking us will remain the same. We'll keep you posted on how many to send.

  • If you're planning to send all those fans to CD Baby to handle the order fulfillment, you could work with one of our artist reps to make sure we have the appropriate inventory. Send an email to with the details.

  • This is fantastic news; thank you CDBABY. Due to your reach, you have become our #1 place to stock and sell music. Please keep us posted on this partnership.

  • Well I was happy till I saw I am taking a loss on every sale thru them

  • Taking a loss on sales through Alliance? You can always change your wholesale price in your CD Baby members account if you set it too low.


  • Thx Christopher I did do that. I didn’t realize how low it was to wholesalers

  • david

    This deal definitely works for me. I get sales on a very regular basis via Alliance. It’s lovely to wake up, check my e-mails and see the following:
    Purchaser details:
    1 CD …xxx… to Alliance Entertainment / / SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY

  • Nice. Glad to hear it. Thanks for distributing through us!


  • JB

    I seen that my FILM Shadow Tracker: Vampire Hunter which CD Baby carried was purchased by Alliance. How will this work for me as a filmmaker?

  • Sorry for the long delay on this response. What exactly are you asking about? How the payment will work? If you sell something through CD Baby (to Alliance, or one of its affiliated retailers) you will receive an amount equal to your selling price, minus the wholesale discount you set in your account, minus CD Baby’s cut ($4).


    • JB

      Thanks, that should do it.

      In a message dated 3/30/2015 4:14:54 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

      “Sorry for the long delay on this response. What exactly are you asking about? How the payment will work? If you sell something through CD Baby (to Alliance, or one of its affiliated retailers) you will receive an amount equal to your selling price, minus the wholesale discount you set in your account, minus CD Baby’s cut ($4). @ChrisRobley ” (
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    • JB

      Thanks for the info Christopher. I was wondering that when I first set this up with FILMBABY, it was set up as FIlms/DVD, then when we went to CDBABY we had to put the film info in as if they were music CDs. I have had some sales but was wondering if people will see these as Films and not say music soundtracks. Hope I’m clear on this for you.

  • Yep. We have your title listed in our system (and in Alliance’s system) as a DVD so anyone that purchases it will be aware of the format.