CD Baby offering 1¢ shipping on all orders (including vinyl)!

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1¢ shipping on CDs

We’re doing it again!

Yes, we’re re-gifting, but trust us: you’ll love it as much as you did last year. In an effort to help you sell more music this holiday season, we’re going to offer standard domestic/international shipping for all CD and vinyl sales through for 1¢. Yes, that’s ONE PENNY. It’s (almost) free shipping!

Starting November 30, 2015 (Cyber Monday) at 12AM and running through December 4th at 11:59PM, we’ll take the hit on shipping costs to encourage music fans to buy more of your music from CD Baby. It doesn’t matter if they order 1 CD or 100, standard shipping — domestic AND international — will be 1¢ TOTAL. And of course, we’ll still be shipping these CDs and vinyl for you, and your fans will get them in time for the holidays.

This will NOT affect your what you make from your sales or the pricing you have set. This is coming completely out of our pocket (and not your fans’). We just want to do what we can to help you sell more CDs this season!

How can you prepare?

1. Restock quickly!

We keep a close eye on your albums here. If we’re running low, we’ll email you right away and ask for more. Need to get some CDs made? No problem. There’s still time, but you better hurry. We have packages starting at just 5 CDs…

2. Review your pricing

This is a great time to reduce your sale price, give your fans a DOUBLE discount, and sell more. Want to go further? Add or increase a wholesale discount and capture more sales this season through our distribution network, including Alliance Entertainment, Amazon, and many more resellers.

3. Update your album notes and style description

It’s time to make your release as enticing as possible! Head into your member dashboard and click “edit” to adjust or completely revise these sections for each title.

4. Still using 30–second clips? Consider full streaming

Streaming full versions of your songs will give potential buyers a much better idea of what your album sounds like. You can make those adjustments from the album/song edit menu in your account. Log in HERE.

5. Maybe most important: Email your fans on (or a few days before) November 30 and let them know!

Send an email letting your friends and fans know about this special offer and how they can take advantage of it. Also ask them to share this deal with their friends.

We’ll be promoting this offer to all the CD Baby music buying community,so here’s looking forward to a sales–filled December!

*Standard shipping to USA locations takes about 3–10 days for delivery. Standard shipping to International locations takes 7–30 days, depending on location and local custom laws.

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