CD Baby Launches New Music Store Widget

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Sell downloads, CDs and vinyl directly to your fans with the new CD Baby Music Store Widget!

We’re really excited to announce the arrival of CD Baby’s new Music Store Widget. This free and customizable store can easily be embedded on your website, blog, or Facebook Page (through an HTML-enabling app like Static HTML).

The Music Store Widget is available in a variety of attractive themes.You simply select the theme that best fits your needs, choose what product you want to sell, copy the HTML code, and paste it into the appropriate display area (the widget will form-fit to the selected display area’s dimensions).  Create as many widgets as you like.  There is no limit!

There’s no reason that you should have to spend time worrying about the boring details of order fulfillment. CD Baby will handle all that, including credit card processing, delivery of downloaded MP3s, warehousing and shipping of CDs/vinyl, customer service, and accounting- so you can get back to doing the good stuff like writing, recording, and performing.

Watch the video to see the Music Store Widget in action!

Existing CD Baby artists can start selling their music immediately through The Music Store Widget by logging into their member accounts and following the links on their member dashboard.  You can also use this direct link:

If you’re not currently distributing your music through CD Baby but would like to begin using our Music Store Widget, just click HERE to create your CD Baby account.

Want more info? Check out the tutorial: “How to Create a CD Baby Music Store Widget”

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  • Awesome widget!! I think it's quite useful~!

  • Finally, I been waiting for something like this. 🙂
    Installing it right away

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Great! Let us know how it goes.

  • It's awesome. Can you just fix the 'facebook' share link to work to our widget or page that we post the widget on?



    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      I think you discovered a bug! That Facebook share link leads to the artist page (I tested it on a bunch of different artist), but for some reason, your link just goes to the homepage. Sorry your bug discovery had to be on your own widget. We've alerted our tech peeps and hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.

      • Okay, thanks, Chris. CDbaby has done some pretty amazing programming so I'm sure it will get worked out.

  • And I should have mentioned that I LOVE that CDbaby widgets only include short clips, and not full tracks, a mistake which so many other widget makers are making, the latter which will NOT serve the artists in terms of making any sales since people can rip off streamed tracks so easily.

  • Currently, it's all or one artist. I have a challenge for your programmers: Update the widget customization to include radio buttons by each artist, so we can pick ANY combination of artists.

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Agreed. That is already on the list for when we make improvements.

      • Awesome, thanks, Chris R.!

        • Is it possible to specify local currency for the widget, or is it always going to be in US$? I'd like to use the widget, but I don't want to alienate my UK customers by charging them in a foreign currency – especially as I am UK based.

          • admin


            At this time it will only show US currency. That is good feedback that we will pass on the the development team.


          • Good idea, Douglas.

    • Yes, it would be great to be able to share the widget for any artist without the need to login – much like the linkmaker. This way you could have fans sharing the widgets for their fav. artists. This is a great tool though, nice work guys.

  • I can't post the widget on Facebook. Any step by step guides for this?

    • admin


      You can post it on Facebook using the Static HTML app. We're working on an article at this moment that shows how to do it. It's pretty simple. That article should be up in the next couple hours.


  • Great! Now can we get a Sidebar Version?

    Can't find a theme that fits on your site? Feeling a little nerdy?
    you can edit the code. just change the last 6 characters to an HTML code for the color you want. here is a cool resource for picking colors.

    This section of the code is the text color "c1=0x000000"
    c1 = Title Bar shading and Text
    c2 = Odd Rows Background
    c3 = CD List area Background
    c4 = Title Bars
    c5 = Buttons
    c6 = Window Background
    c7 = Even Rows Background

  • Great news! Not a moment too soon either.
    Except all I'm getting is a blank widget and the spinning circle. Hoping its just down time at your end rather than my large catalogue making it painfully slow to load…

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Hey Martin, might just be a little hiccup on our end. If it continues, write to

  • It works for me now (it wasnt earlier). Fantastic! However, I'd *really* like to be able to choose what titles appear in it – all my mp3 only releases, discontinued CDs and different versions look a bit messy and I'd like to be able to tick a box to leave them out or in….

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Martin, we've definitely got that on the list for our first round of improvements.

  • One more thing, the ability to choose the order of how they appear would also be a great addition if possible 🙂

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      That one too.

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  • Hi! Great widget – thanks so much for building it. Is there a way to get embed code for it instead of iframe code? My issue is that when I open up (say) pictures in a lightbox – the CD Baby widget sits on top of the lightbox and covers the content. Usually this is fixed by publishing the Flash file with a transparent background and setting some embed properties correctly – but you can't do that with an iFrame.

    Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:

    You can replicate the issue on this page by clicking on any of the 3 images to the left of the videos at the bottom of the page under PICS AND VIDEOS:

    Any help you can provide will be much much appreciated.

    Again – great job on the widget…it rocks.

  • For me, the widget will work if :
    1. I can customize the order of the albums.
    2. You can make a micro-sized widget that would fit a blog margin.

    My dream widget: THE PARTNER WIDGET….a widget that you can set up split payments with a partner. This is useful as an incentive for fans to host widgets on their blogs, websites, etc. (both of you make $)

    Using the PARTNER WIDGET as a licensing tool:
    Partner widgets are perfect for the following money making model: A client approaches you to use your music in their low budget film. "It's a labor of love, etc. …" The client has no money to pay you but offers you 'exposure' (exposure to family members, or hundreds of thousands of people I wonder?). This is what you do. You negotiate an Advance with your client for usage of your music, say $100 (or $1000, whatever). You bill the client and get paid. Meanwhile, the client hosts a partner widget on his film's website, fb page, etc. which receives thousands of hits a day. People buy your music. You and the client get paid by splitting the profits from downloads (50/50 for example). The client makes back his advance (so the usage actually costs him nothing). You walk away with $ from the advance plus additional profits (sales from the widget). Option: partner splits change after the Advance payback threshold has been reached.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jen,

      Changing the size and ordering of albums will probably be in the next version of the widget. We've got numerous requests for these features.

      Seems like you could use the CD Baby widget in the partner capacity, but you'd just have to manage the money split yourself. I guess it's not the perfect solution, but creating a payment system that splits payments by percentage would mean overhauling our whole accounting system.

      Chris B
      CD Baby

      • i am jen

        Yes, the partner widget is not yet anyone’s model out there (cdbaby could be the first). It will take some clever programming on the accounting side. By having multiple partners, you have to find a way to identify each widget individually when tracking downloads. Not impossible by any means, just requires some software engineering.

    • yea i think that plan sound good

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  • I’d be happy if you could create your Widget and link maker to function better in Joomla. I’ve got a CDBaby button already, but I can’t get it to move where I want it to, so it has to stay where it is. Then I created a widget for my site, entered it in the html editor, and it disappears. Looking forward to version 2.0 for now.

  • Positioning the widget may have more to do with your Style.CSS file than Joomla or the widget itself. The widget does have a 450px min width so it wont work in smaller columns. We are looking to make the size more adjustable in the next version.

    Chris B

  • roddymckay

    Is anybody else having problems getting this to work on iPhone/iPad?

  • Holland

    The Widget is AWESOME, but it doesn’t want to work on myspace. I don’t know if it’s the new layout that myspace uses, but when I create an HTML box, it only shows me the code and not the actual store. I hope this is just temporary and will be fixed in the next version, because having that widget on myspace would be really awesome.

  • Holland, unfortunately, myspace does not allow iFrames. Bummer! Not sure if they plan to change that or not. Hopefully.

  • Unfortunately, iPhones and iPads don't support Flash.

  • Roddy, iPhones and iPads don't support Flash, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    The code works OK in an iWeb HTML Snippet except it needs pushed into shape or a finite dimension entered for the width…

    Its a pity its flash only. A lot of people go hunting for music on iOS devices these days.

  • Gbh333

    The widget seems great, but the CHECK OUT section doesn’t float up after the selection of product. It is so low on the screen (especially on a framed site) the buyer can’t see it. The buyer will then attempt to click on the CART icon at the top right which is non-functional. Please see if you can edit the design to have the CHECK OUT section float up higher after product selection.

  • We'll check out the CHECK OUT process. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Bullbuckers

    Widget was a cinch to install on our web site and Facebook

    We then corrected our cover art by emailing the proper image file to CD Baby corrections.

    The corrected art propagated just fine across the site, including to the new CD Baby store widget.

    However, the next day, and ever since, the artwork displayed on the store widget reverted to the old version.

    We recreated the widget but it still shows the old artwork.

    We’d like to get the corrected artwork up on the new widget or we’ll need to stop using it.

  • Hmmmm. That sounds like a strange little glitch. I'll get our tech guys to look into it. Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • What is your username or artist name? That'll help me locate your widget. Also, what is the URL for where the widget is currently displayed?

  • Aced411

    Won't use it until there's a version that doesn't require flash.

  • REwire

    As soon as I got an IPad I had to delete the Widget from my Site. Too bad. It would have been nice, but if there's any segment of users who get a big blank white space on my page, it's useless. Please work on a non-flash version of this if possible.

  • Jane

    i put on website with iweb, but theres no text! anyone any idea?

  • Jane

    …also i checked widgets on other sites and theres no text also.

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  • Rich Smith

    The CD Baby MusicStore Facebook app works on the iPad… Can CD Baby replace the Flash version widget with that non flash (Facebook) version for personal web site integration ?

    • I'll add it to the tech wish-list. No plans as of yet, though.

  • Lonhil

    What is wrong with the widget? Only the text can be read. Nothing else shows up until one mouses over the items. No Pics , No checkout button. Buy buttons diisapear. Any answers would be appreciated. I spoke with a CDbaby rep on the phone and she assured me the problem would be taken care of.

    • What is the URL where your widget is embedded?

  • Joelinus1

    when i use the widget–
    do i get to do the good stuff like collecting contact info on my customers? or is that a secret kept from me? Peaceout

  • It depends on whether or not the customer wants to remain anonymous. If not, we pass their contact info on to the artist.

  • Vincent

    I ran into a problem with this widget, It works fine on my always up to date machine and it's browsers, but on my bassist's machine running an older version of IE, it loads the first time he visits our media page, but if he selects another page from the menu, say mail, and comes back, the widget is blank. The only way to view it again is to close the browser window and reload the site, same on my wife's lab top and her machines at work! But it works flawlessly on everyone's machine at facebook, even mobile devices! So what is the difference between how it works on facebook and how it works on any other web site? And why does it only redraw itself if you have either a current version of IE or Chrome but an older version, no Go? These issues need to be resolved, my wife says the program you developed the widget in runs like a movie, and needs to receive a command to start to play again for older browsers. But the trend now is toward mobile devices, and the code should work just like the CD baby artist site so that you can shop with tablets and phones, etc. It's funny that on mobile devices you can view it on facebook and the CD Baby site with out any problems. I don't understand why it should not be the same for the widget. So I'd say this still needs to have some more development because it's really not ready for prime time the way it currently operates.

    • Though they function similarly, the CD Baby Music Store widget and the MusicStore for Facebook app are 2 separate things.So– sounds like you're experiencing no issues with the MusicStore for Facebook app– but having trouble with our widget. On that front, we're working on an update now so it'll behave properly in all browsers (and multiple versions), and on mobile. We'll keep you posted.

  • The iPad… Can CD Baby replace the Flash version widget with that non flash (Facebook) version for personal web site.Too bad. It would have been nice, but if there's any segment of users who get a big blank white space on my page

  • When will the Music Store Widget be HTML5 compliant?

  • Will happen during our next upgrade. No exact ETA on that yet, though. Hopefully soon.


  • andyswilson

    I agree the option of local currency would be much better. 2 years on, is there any progress on this? I've had a surprised comment from a buyer that he could only pay in dollars. Thanks

  • Sorry. We have an HTML5 version in the works, but for now — our widget doesn't always play well with those browsers.

    @ Chris Robley