CD Baby Has Paid Artists More Than $150 Million!

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After last week’s artist payments were processed, we realized CD Baby had surpassed a significant benchmark, the $150 million payout mark. $151, 607, 529.34, to be exact! We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to help independent musicians earn that kind of money in physical, digital, and live merch sales. We have millions of CD and download-purchasing customers (who we love, of course), but our artists have always been priority #1. We’re thankful they’ve allowed us to partner in their careers and proud to witness what talented DIY musicians are capable of with a little help from CD Baby.

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  • When you set your original goals, would this have ever been on there?


  • vishal pawar


  • Congratulations to all! Gotta give everybody credit.. Tough times for the music biz, but the indies are surviving an epoch where other labels fall.. Also have to give the "new" CD Baby for toughing it out and dealing with a lot of grumpy, jaded musicians like me, during a tense transition.

    Thanks for keeping these opportunities alive.


  • Thank you for your help in marketing our music! Continued success to you CD Baby!

  • Wishing CD Baby continuing success. Thank you for your help in marketing our music!

  • Linda

    Woo hoo !!!

  • Doug Cash

    Lots of pain during the transition, but the machine is back to kicking the ass !


  • rocknroller

    Congrats.. you guys do a fantastic job and deserve the success. 🙂
    Keep up the great work.



  • During the tough economic times worldwide, my music sales have seen a substantial decline. This, while seeing that music is valued, in general, evident by almost every person walking the planet with headphones on, sometimes can contradict when we, as independent artists perceive subjectively that 'our' music is 'not' being valued.

    The over all $150 million that Cdbaby has paid out to artists is a nice reminder of the big picture, including that independent artists are included in the music that is being valued worldwide.


  • Wow-$150,000,000 that's one HECK of an achievement! Way to go CD Baby and everything that went into the dream of it before a single 0 was added.

  • Congrats. I'll always stand behind digital distribution through CDBaby.

  • Thanks for helping us make a large chunk through the years! Hopefully other artist will see this, we are on a mission to earn $1,000,000 for feedthechildren and are donating all proceeds from our new album herbal remedy!
    Clear Conscience

  • Congratulations! I am excited to have my music be a part of CDBaby and look forward to more business with you.

  • We couldn't do it with out you CD Baby. With the tips you give weekly our band has grown so much. You've been more then a distributor for us, you've been like this big brother that's always there with the right answer.


  • congrats, Glad we could help you reach that milestone. Cheers to another 150 million… in both our pockets.

  • Congradulations to all!

  • CD Baby is great. Great digital distribution and quick with the money. Good job. Blue Viper Records.

  • Thanks cdbaby for helping me in the beginning of my career. You guys were outstanding in all aspects! I am so glad to have the knowledge ive learned from your company as well as the revenue. Great resources,Outlets,info,etc… I am proud to give cdbaby all the credit they deserve in being apart of my career.

  • Congratulations cdbaby. You deserve it.You do a fantastic job. Much more success in the future.

  • I must say being an artist with you since almost the beginning it has been my pleasure to work with you, the honesty and the integrity , the prompt payments and the open book policy to see all that is going on with my music is a lesson that all the former record companies could have taken a good lesson from. Thank You for your generosity and I wish you many more years of success. Cheers Frank Stallone Simba Records

  • Congrats!
    Thank you so much for your hard work in helping us Indie musicians! I truly appreciate all you do for me.

  • You guys are an important link in my chain. It's been great dealing with you all and I wish us all continued music, money and joy in what we love to do!

  • I love you CDBaby! Congratulations!!!!

  • This is Great. It is wonderful to see what that Underground Musicians can actually sell this many records

  • Zorro123

    You guys deserve lots of kudos. You are obviously attentive to your services and make them better all the time. Keep it up.

  • Bill Hunter

    CONGATULATIONS! Those of us in music appreciate all you do for us! What a significnt milestone.
    Bill Hunter, epecho music

  • SGEnterprises

    Congratulations to you all at CDBaby. We appreciate what you have done. It's a win/win situation. Tipping Point Records (New Zealand)

  • We couldn't do it without you either. You guys run a great company. Glad to be on board!

  • Despite the challenges of the independent music artist today, 150 mil is one very impressive number. Of course, for most of us it's good to see a company that promotes independent musicians do so well. Our hat is off to you CD baby!

  • CD Baby & the Vast Majority of Musicians who actually make money off this website deserve some recognition.
    For those of us who aren't in the "radio friendly" genre and have sold less than 2 copies in two years, the cause for celebration is more subdued.

  • Congratulations to those of you who are making money selling CD's on CDBDBY. My CDBABY site is getting quite a few hits, my music is really good and my price is low. But I am getting no sales. I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

  • Charlie Maculit

    I am really Looking Forward to working with you guys. I'm just having problems getting the 110 dollars needed to get started. No one in my circle really believes that My music will actually sales even though they love it' go figure. I believe in what you guys have built here and can't wait until my album is apart of this revelation in independent music marketing. Please feel free to let me know if any financing programs are available, please. Sincerely Charlie Maculit

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Charlie, our signup fee is $35 for a full-album. If you do not have a UPC barcode we can assign you one for $20. So I'm wondering if your $110 figure is because you have 2 albums to sign up that do not have UPCs. Correct? If so, you can always sign one up first and see how it goes. Maybe even use some of your sales money to cover the signup fee for the 2nd album. If you have any questions, write to