CD Baby Artists’ Music Available on Spotify!

July 14, 2011{ 28 Comments }

Europe’s popular, free, on-demand streaming music service is finally available in the United States, and CD Baby’s catalog is included.

It’s here! You can listen to as much music as you want, when you want, from your computer or smartphone, all for free. At this early stage in the game, Spotify is available in the US by invite-only, but invites ARE going out! They’re offering a 3-tiered service, from free to Premium ($9.99 per month). CD Baby has a worldwide agreement with Spotify, so our catalog is included as part of this US launch.

If you have an early invite code, just head to the to create your account.

To get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more, check out CD Baby!

  • CD Baby Admin

    Kind of. If you're using CD Baby for digital distribution and have opted in for the "Everything That Pays" distribution level (in your CD Baby members account area), then yes, we'll deliver your music to Spotify.

  • Ken Bierschbach

    I just got a Spotify account and noticed that only one of my 4 CDs on CDBaby are available, and it's one from 2004. I have one that came out just last year and doesn't show. Does it take some time for all to appear or is there something extra that has to be done?

    • CD Baby Admin

      With all the excitement right now, Spotify's ingestion process is a bit… congested. If you've signed up for the "Everything Paid" distribution level then we'll get your music to them.

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  • CD Baby Admin

    A fraction of a penny per-play.

  • CD Baby Admin

    Theresa, I'll email you an invite right now.

  • Crabgrass Cowboys

    Howdy, we would love to be on SPOTIFY so we can share our American Crabgrass music with y'all. Could we get an "early invite"?

    • CD Baby Admin

      I'll see what I can do.

  • CD Baby Admin

    I'll see if we have any left. If so, will email you.

  • CD Baby Admin

    I'll see what we can do.

  • Guitartommy1

    I would like an early invite if possible. (dba Tommy's Music For All Occasions) Western Swing Society Hall of Fame #601 2CD's released "60 years of Western Swing" and "Mixed Emotions" (guitar work all origiinals)

    • CD Baby Admin

      Will see if we have any more and email you.

  • Colinpalm

    I would like to be in on this opportunity as well!

    • CD Baby Admin

      Will try.

  • CD Baby Admin

    You may. We'll email you with details.

  • CD Baby Admin

    I think so. Will check and email you.

  • CD Baby Admin

    If so, we'll email you.

  • Tnirta

    It's on my wish list, I hope you might have an invite please

    • CD Baby Admin

      We'll email ya.

  • Guitarman22

    i haven't sold an album yet or a streamer, sleepy's Exit Band

  • CD Baby Admin

    You'd need an account if you want to LISTEN to music through Spotify. But not to make your music available for streaming. CD Baby handles that part.

  • CD Baby Admin

    You’d need an account if you want to LISTEN to music through Spotify. But not to make your music available for streaming. CD Baby handles that part.

  • CD Baby Admin

    Not sure. Email and we can look into it for you.

  • Chris B at CD Baby

    You can opt in to 100% distribution in your account. Drop us an email if you get stuck

  • Christopher Robley

    Yes indeed. I mean, not like… a ton. But standard streaming rates.

  • AERIA Entertainment

    As of 7/24/12, my album "Exile on Maine Street by Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience has only been distributed to 5 outlets. Generally CD Baby gets my stuff out to many more partners. For instance, what happened to Spotify?

    I'd appreciate this title being available in more place. Especially the more popular streaming services.

    Thank you,


    • Christopher Robley

      Hey Colie, what level did you set your distribution preferences to? You've got to be at "Everything that pays" (What we used to call "75%") in order to be delivered to Spotify. If you've set yourself to that level or higher and still aren't seeing a big delivery history, go ahead and write to and we'll look into it for you.

    • Christopher Robley

      "Delivery History" being the list of digital music partners where we've already sent your music for distribution.