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Get 12 months of website hosting and UNLIMITED MUSIC DISTRIBUTION for just $199

This is your chance to get a year of your very own musician website from HostBaby for below the normal price, but with an added bonus: Unlimited CD Baby distribution for 12 months!

All you have to do is create (or log into) your HostBaby account, pay $199, and you’ll receive 12 months worth of hosting credits and access to as many distribution coupons as you need during that same time period.

That breaks down to only $16.58 a month, instead of the standard $20. You’ll save $41, eliminate your monthly bill, AND get FREE CD Baby distribution to use whenever the mood strikes you.

Already a HostBaby member and paid ahead a few months? No problem: the 13 months will get added to your total. Just log into your account here to make your $199 payment and save!

Not a HostBaby member already? Sign up today‚ get your discount, and create a site your fans will love.

What a way to start the year: Save money, get a great website, and release music at will!

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