Save 20% on album distribution (CD Baby Pro signups too) and get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more

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Album not finished? Buy now and distribute your music when you’re ready!

Been waiting for the perfect time to drop your album? Here it is.

The busiest music-buying season of the year is quickly approaching, and from now until the end of September you can save 20% on the distribution of your album with CD Baby (both Standard and Pro).

Just grab your code here and enter it at checkout!

Standard album – SEPTEMBER20
Pro album – SEPTEMBER20PRO

That’s distribution of your album to almost 100 online platforms, physical sales of your CDs through, YouTube monetization, and a ton more.

Go Pro and add publishing royalty collection! Learn more about CD Baby Pro HERE.

Let’s get your album selling, streaming, and making you new fans! Get started HERE.

(Offer expires after September 30, 2016).

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